About us

Student Voice, Student Vote (SV2) is a growing coalition of organizations and individuals seeking to change Colorado state law to allow 16- and 17-year olds the right to vote in school board elections.

Hear from some of our Steering Committee:

Danna is Co-chair for Student Voice Student Vote and is a young activist fighting for youth, human, and nature rights. She's very passionate about making this world a better place and is in other youth organizations such as Project VOYCE, DPS Student Board of Education, and is also the student representative for DMLKJEC’s school governing board.

Alessandra is a 17 year old senior at DMLK and is passionate about her education. She has joined the Student Board of Education, the SV2 campaign, Project Pave, and other organizations to create change. She has been a human rights activist since the 6th grade and plans on joining the political force, creating her own non profit organization, and becoming a historian.

Malachi is a 16 year old who goes to MLK. He has been in Student Board and Varsity Debate, as well as being part of both SV2, Future10X, and Colorado Youth Congress outside of school. He doesn't completely know how he wants his future to be, but he does know that he wants to go to college and get a J.D. Degree in law and become a lawyer, then start his own law firm. He is in SV2 because, ”Learning is our life, so it should be in our hands.”